Top 2 Side Effects

Paranoia and Violent Behaviors

Potential harm can also come from the change in behavior seen in many steroid users. They become more agitated than usual. They can quickly turn irritable at the slightest annoyance and snap at the people around them. They are prone to delusions which make it hard to reason with them. Extreme paranoia is also common with individuals assuming worst case scenarios and letting their fear control them. Unhealthy jealousy can become a problem among those who are in a relationship. Roid rage can turn into violent acts that could harm loved ones or random strangers.

Long-term Organ Damage and Failure

The worst thing that could happen to steroid users is organ damage caused by long-term use. The kidney and liver are usually the most affected since they are responsible for filtering out unwanted substances in the body. It can start out as minor issues but can soon develop into dangerous situations. Remember that organ failure can be fatal. This is why the supervision of a doctor is crucial. Vital signs can be monitored to see if there is a need to step back in dosage or find alternative treatments altogether.

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