Dealing With Steroid Addiction

Although illegal, steroids are still sold in the black market and used by people with varying needs. Due to the illegal acquisition, most of these people do not understand the amount they should take and just assume what their friends are using is what they should also be using. This has contributed highly to the rate at which younger people are getting addicted to the steroids. But what reprieves are available to these people and what can we do to assist in preventing other cases?

Education on the effects of steroids use should be a priority in any home. When young people understand how these steroids can ruin their lives, they may be reluctant to use them. They may also dissuade their friends from using steroids in future. It is also good for parents to monitor their kids closely to check for any physical or mental changes that may indicate the use of steroids. Although the highest percentage of steroid users are boys and young men, it is also good to monitor girls and young ladies at home, in the community and school. Since younger children look up to the older members of the family for advice and guidance, the older members of the family should also teach the younger ones besides setting a good example.

Just like with alcohol abuse or the use of drugs, there are centers that can assist in rehabilitating those who have developed dependence or addiction to steroids. The earlier it is detected and treated, the better for the person involved. This is why parents and siblings need to keen to identify any behavioural or physical changes that may suggest steroid use as soon as they start manifesting. There are different treatment regimens that may be used in the rehabilitation centers. These should be analysed in detail, discussed with the physicians and the most appropriate regimen chosen. Rehabilitation takes time and therefore, even after discharge from the centers, the family members should assist to enhance full recovery.

Professional counselling and peer to peer counselling are also recommended for people who have abused steroids in the past. This enhances sharing experiences, tips on what worked during the recovery process, what did not work and where they can get different types of help. Victimising those involved should be avoided and those involved should be treated with love and care throughout the healing process. This will minimize the probability of relapse in the long run.

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